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Spinneret For Spinning Machine

categoria articolo di Spinneret For Spinning Machine, siamo produttori specializzati provenienti dalla Cina, Spinning Machine Spinneret, Customized Two-Hole Spandex Spinneret fornitori / fabbrica, il commercio allingrosso di alta qualità prodotti di Spinneret For Spinning Machine R & S e produzione, abbiamo il perfetto servizio e supporto tecnico post-vendita. Aspettiamo la vostra collaborazione!

Cina Spinneret For Spinning Machine Fornitori

Melt-blown spinning is to blow a molten polymer through a high-temperature high-speed gas to refine the polymer into a filament to form a nonwoven fabric.

1) :Meltblown Die Head Can be Customized within 100-3200mm
2):Hole size Can be produced ≥0.06mm(0.0024 inch)
3):Tolerance: ±0.002(0.000078inch)


Optimized design, hole number encryption, high output, reduced production costs

The number of holes per spinneret is 13% less than jier. Less of holes, then less of yield.

High-performance Brand Compressor; Mature Technology, Stable performance; Wide Range of Use, Long Service LIfe

L/D ratio (small hole length): Common 1:10, Our Company 1:15, our length is 50% longer than common spinneret, the top of the spinneret is strengthened, not easy to deform, ordinary hardness HRC (25-28° ),jier hardness HRC (34-38 °) has a longer service life.

Use CNC high-speed machining centers , the verticality and straightness are good.

Common spinneret use 'Electric spark punching and manual drilling'. Shortcoming: The hole is not straight, multi-slanted hole, hole wall is not smooth, the verticality and straightness are not good. Our company uses CNC high-speed machining center processing, the holes of our product without slanting holes, verticality and straightness is very good, There will be no serious phenomenon of "spot" floating wire caused by merged wire and broken wire.
(Fig. 3-1) is the product straightness of the jier company under the Nikon projector, (Fig. 3-2) is the straightness of the artificial drilling straightness under the same projector.

New baffle design, uniform output, perfect product quality

Due to the structural factors of the conventional spinneret, there is often uneven discharge. Our company adds static mixing deflector to the melt chamber channel for the defects of the spinneret., so that the melt is evenly mixed in all parts of the chamber while the air duct structure data is improved. Make the quality of the products more perfect.
Product Advantages

Melt blown die head

1. Encrypted holes, more output
2. 1:15 aspect ratio, making strength and hardness higher, not easy to deform
3. CNC high-speed machining center processing, the hole wall is smoother and more refined.
4.Innovative design of the deflector, more uniform discharge, better quality silk.
5.Available in a variety of materials, any detail can be customized, meet your needs
Changzhou JIER precision machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd is specializing in the production of various kinds of spray wire plate.We have introduced comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced spray wire plate. For years, through the production process ,technology process and high precision machining testing equipment continuously and automatically innovation and training, together with all staff meticulous work attitude, our spinneret manufacturing level completely meet your requirements of stringent quality of products .

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